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MEGAretract FS Rhodium mirror

5.75 $29.00 $
MEGAretract Hygienic,by the plane surface that avoids deposits No disturbing reflectionby satin-finished stainless steel surface Images of exact sharpness and

Relax mirror

4.25 $38.00 $
RELAX – designed with a perfect blend of ­technology and ergonomics. comfortably light weightfor relaxed dental operations comfortable to holddue

SEplus magnifying mirror 12pc

29.00 $
Description   Details Best stability against corrosionOur mouth mirrors are produced according to the norm ISO 9873 / EN 29873.

Topvision mirror

21.00 $
TOPvision FS TOPvision Rhodium mouth mirrors are coated with Rhodium on the glass surface. Rhodium is a precious metal like