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3M Express STD – Heavy Body Addition Silicone

97,000 IQD
The first vinyl polysiloxane automix system used worldwide. Multiple pour capability. Good dimensional stability. Precise detail reproduction. Good dimensional stability.

3M Express STD – Heavy Body Addition Silicone (2 Jar)

80,000 IQD
EXPRESS 2 PUTTY QUICK 3M ESPE PRINT SILICONE Manual mixing silicone. Express 2 manual. New generation of viscosity addition silicone

Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty/Regular Set

Aquasil Soft Putty/Regular Set is a very high viscosity impression material with optimum flexibility for easy removal from undercuts. It

Proclinic VPS Impression Material putty soft

42,000 IQD
VPS Impression Material Take 1™ Advanced™ VPS impression material combines Kerr’s expertise in developing high-performance impression materials with recent technological advancements.

Vericom Vonflex S putty impression

48,000 IQD
Addition silicone 280ml base+ 280ml catalyst

Zhermack zetaplus kit silicone impression putty

54,000 IQD
ZHERMACK ZETAPLUS PUTTY SILICONE Characteristics: It reduces the compression of the mucosa in the introduction phase in the oral cavity.