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3M Filtek Bulkfill Flowable (15 Capsule)

80,000 IQD
3M ESPE Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable Restorative is a flowable restorative material with a 4 mm depth of cure, reducing the

3M Filtek Bulkfill Flowable(2X2g)

94,000 IQD
One-step placement up to 4mm Low shrinkage stress Easy adaptation Excellent wear resistance 4 shades The bulk fill flowable that’s

3M Filtek Bulkfill Restorative Posterior Tube (4g)

94,000 IQD
Product information: One-step placement, no additional capping layer Fast and easy procedure Excellent adaptation without additional expensive dispensing devices Stress

Dentsply SDR flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable

6,000 IQD345,000 IQD
SDR® flow+ material: Excellent cavity adaptation in Class II restorations. SDR® flow+ material is a revolutionary flowable composite. It’s the first bulk

Dentsply SDR flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable 110cap. mixed shades

543,000 IQD
Included Shades Universal 70cap, A1 10cap, A2 15cap, A3 15cap

Dentsply SDR Syringe

30,000 IQD
SDR is a self-leveling, fluid composite that requires no instrumentation (even in maxillary cases), and provides excellent cavity adaption. SDR

FGM Opus Bulkfill Composite

33,000 IQD
Opus Bulk Fill APS   Opus Bulk Fill APS is a bulk-fill composite for class I and II direct restorations

FGM Opus Flowable Bulkfill Composite A2

27,000 IQD
Opus Bulk Fill Flow APS   Opus Bulk Fill Flow APS is a flowable bulk-fill composite for use as base

GC EQUIA Fill A2 bulk fill 50pcs

167,000 IQD
Single Shade Pack, EEP Self-adhesive bulk fill posterior restorative system