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7th Gen Bonding Resin 7ml self-etch

21.00 $
7th Generation Dental Adhesive Bonding teeth is a process that combines structural changes with cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile

Endodontic Aspirator

29.00 $
3 Different Tip Sizes Aspiration Of Irrigation Solution

FGM Fluor Care Fluoride Foam

10.00 $
DESCRIPTION Flúor Care is easy to apply, lasts much more, has lower risk of ingestion, a pleasant scent, and perfect

FGM Ortho Bite

23.00 $
Ortho Bite is a light-curing resin composite for occlusal stops and band cementation

FGM Orthocem UV Trace

22.00 $
Orthocem UV Trace contains a fluorescent tracer, which in contact with ultraviolet light, emits an intense blue light, facilitating its removal at the end of the treatment

FGM Top Comfort

13.00 $
Top comfort is the first and only protector of brackets made of light-curing orthodontic wax on the market

GC G-Premio BOND

79.00 $
G-Premio BOND is a universal, 8th generation bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing