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FGM Llis Intro Compsite Kit For Anterior And Posterior

80,000 IQD
Contains 1 EA1, 1 EA2, 1 EA3, 1 DA2, 1 DA3, Bond & Acid Etch

FGM Opus Bulkfill Composite

33,000 IQD
Opus Bulk Fill APS   Opus Bulk Fill APS is a bulk-fill composite for class I and II direct restorations

FGM Opus Flowable Bulkfill Composite A2

27,000 IQD
Opus Bulk Fill Flow APS   Opus Bulk Fill Flow APS is a flowable bulk-fill composite for use as base

FGM Prevent Tinted Fissure Sealant

11,500 IQD
DESCRIPTION Prevent is a light-curing resin sealant for pits and fissures that assists in preventing caries in posterior teeth by

FGM Vittra Composite Anterior/Posterior

36,000 IQD217,000 IQD
Vittra APS   Vittra APS is a light-cure composite for class I, II, III, IV, V and VI direct restorations