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Dentsply Ceram.X SphereTEC

42,000 IQD
ceram.x SphereTec one universal is a nano-ceramic, light-cured, radiopaque, universal composite based on the novel SphereTEC filler technology indicated for

Dentsply SDR flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable

6,000 IQD345,000 IQD
SDR® flow+ material: Excellent cavity adaptation in Class II restorations. SDR® flow+ material is a revolutionary flowable composite. It’s the first bulk

Dentsply SDR flow+ Bulk Fill Flowable 110cap. mixed shades

543,000 IQD
Included Shades Universal 70cap, A1 10cap, A2 15cap, A3 15cap

Dentsply SDR Syringe

30,000 IQD
SDR is a self-leveling, fluid composite that requires no instrumentation (even in maxillary cases), and provides excellent cavity adaption. SDR