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Angelus Exacto kit 15 fiber posts (3 sizes) with Drill

87.00 $
Fiberpost glassfibers with exactly fitted drill, kit 15 fiberposts 5 for each size with drill , refill 5 fiberposts , one size kit 5 fiberpost with drill

Angelus Splendor-Single Adjustable post

42.00 $
Single fiber post fits for all cases , pack of 5 pieces with dril!

iTENA DENTOCORE core build-up

25.00 $
Core Build-up Automix / Dual Cure

Olident OliPost Light Zircon-rich glass fiber posts

38.00 $125.00 $
OliPost Light:-Zircon-rich glass fiber posts    Excellent aesthetic properties, thanks to natural translucency. Optimal elasticity modulus and flexural strength of

PD FIBRAPOST PLUS kit 24pcs + 4 drill

Made from specially treated glass fibre (65%) reinforced with and bound to an UDMA (urethane dimethacrylate) resin. Optimal flexural strength