So what is BUYENT?

BUYENT is an Iraqi dental supplies service. We have the largest selection of dental supplies in Iraq across tens of brands and a vast array of products. Here you can be sure to find the products that satisfy your professional needs.

We believe that a seamless, simple shopping experience is what you, our valued customer, deserve to free your mind to concentrate on what matters in your profession.

Why order through BUYENT?

Ordering dental supplies through BUYENT has the following advantages:

Pay Shipping Fees Only Once

Instead of having to order different items from different stores and having them delivered separately, a single order with BUYENT delivers to you all the products you want from many stores.

Order Quality & Accuracy Guaranteed

After collecting your requested supplies, our staff ensures the quality of the products and the accuracy of the order. Never worry about missing or wrong products anymore.

From The Same Suppliers You Trust

Not only do we collect the products from the same suppliers you are used to, but you can also specify which supplier you would like us to get the items from.

No Extra Costs

We don’t charge extra fees for our services. You get the best products at the best market prices.

How does BUYENT work?

After receiving and confirming your order, our highly-trained staff starts processes it, collecting the items from various stores in Baghdad. It then enters our quality control procedure to ensure that you get exactly what you asked for. Finally, it gets packed and shipped to your desired address.